Fields and farming

  • For the most efficient flax fibers growing we use 6-7 fields crop rotation system.
  • After ripening flax straw is pulled and laid on the fields for a period of time to go under the maceration process.
  • After maceration flax straw is rolled and transported to the facility for storage.

Flax fiber facility

  • All the transported from fields flax straw is laid inside the storage.
  • From the storage flax straw is delivered to the first section of processing, that is dealing with long and short fibers.
  • Short fibers go under an additional mechanical modification in the section of cottonization, where the cottonized fibers – fibers that have quality characteristics peculiar to cotton are produced.
  • Each stage of processing has its side product - flax hards.

The produced fibers are to be used by spinning factories to produce fine yarns.

Cottonized flax fibers

Cottonized flax fibers are produced after specified mechanical processing in the modifying (cottonization) section.

Over the process of cottonization these fibers are cleaned from hards and further uptake some quality characteristics of cotton fibers. As a result cottonized flax fibers are applicable to cotton-spinning equipment. At the same time cottonized flax fibers maintain customer-demand characteristics of flax fibers.

Manufacturing application

This type of fibers is used for dry method of spinning, cottonized fibers are added with cotton proper fibers and/or synthetic fibers, as a result of this mix flax-type yarns can be produced.

We produce

Production volume: On demand

Quality: Impurities (chaff content): 0,5-0,8%
Average mass-length - 30-50 mm
Linear density- 0,6-0,8 tex

Long flax fibers

Long flax fibers are produced on the turbine scutchers, when flax straw is cleaned from the hards. Long flax fibers are the most valuable product of primary processing of flax straw.

Manufacturing application

This type of fibers is used for wet method of spinning, as a result pure flax or flax-type yarn (with cotton added fibers) of the finest quality is processed. Fabrics for household linen and underwear and suiting fabrics can be produced from this type of yarn.

We produce

Production volume: Up to 1000 tones in a yaer Quality: Long flax fibers Nm #10-13

Short flax fibers

Short flax fibers are produced as a result of primary processing of long fibers, when subsequent components from scutching are brought for additional mechanical conversion and cleaned from flax hards.

Manufacturing application


Bag yarns

Short fibers are used for dry method of spinning and production of bag yarns. bag cloth, packing cloth and canvas cloth can be produced from bag yarns.


Cottonized flax fibers

Short fibers are also the primary material for cottonized flax fibers. Flax-type yarn, which is produced from cottonized fibers is used for household linen and underwear and suiting fabrics.

We produce

Production volume: On demand Quality: Short flax fibers Nm #3-6

Flax stem fiber briquettes fuel

Flax stem fiber briquettes fuel is produced from flax hards – side product of modification processing. Depending on share of impurities the heat output from fiber briquettes fuel can be varied around 3970-4500 kkal, which is approximately five times more efficient than electrical heating.

Due to conversion of flax hards briquettes fuel «Russian Linen» manufacturing facility is a waste-free and primarily organic.

Manufacturing application

Flax hards briquettes fuel is used for heating houses, farming facilities, different types of manufacturing facilities and even for co-generation power plants.

We produce

Production volume: 3120 tones in a year

Quality: Briquettes size 15×10×6 sm Heat output 3970-4500 kkal

Flax seed products

The best quality seeds production demands strict growing technology, fertilizing nad seed plots handling compliance.

The quality of seeds product that is used for seeding correlatively effects the quality of flax fibers. All the seed products are confirmed with GOST national standard Р 52325 — 2005.

We produce

Production volume: Up to 270 tones in a year

Quality: Seeds of generation «Matochnaya Elita», «Super Elita», «Elita», «Reprodukciya 1», «Reprodukciya 2».

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